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Fleeting Under Light
by Diana Guerra

Fleeting Under Light invokes the relationship of crossing borders and the transformational process that goes beyond one’s identity, involving new understandings of family and homelands. Guerra’s material approach to photography utilizes anthotypes made from corn, beet, and cabbage to depict ephemeral images within the Latine diaspora. Her work focuses on the complex duality that forms in the identities of Latine immigrants living in New York City, exploring notions of family archives, home, and a sense of belonging.

Size: 10.75 x 7.75 in.
Page Count: 102
Format: Softcover
Binding: Perfect bound
Printing: Risograph (Yellow, Fluorescent Pink, Blue, Scarlet, Black & Violet)
Paper Stock: 80 lb. Accent Opaque Natural
Cover Material: Reich Shine
Cover Details: Foil stamp with 4-color digital offset
Endpapers: 4-color digital offset
Typeface: Bely & Franklin Gothic

Published & Printed by Seaton Street Press 2024
Text & Photographs: Diana Guerra
Design: Lindsay Buchman & Diana Guerra
Editor: Lindsay Buchman
Cover & Binding: Conveyor Studio

First Edition: 300
ISBN: 979-8-9903703-1-9


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Risograph sample book not included in the publication, but intended to show the printing quality of the book.

Risograph sample book