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La vie is like that

by Magali Duzant

La vie is like that takes its inspiration from the philosophical thought experiment 'The Ship of Theseus,' which reflects on the concept of the persistence of identity - if every part of an object is replaced over time is it the same object? La vie … explores the connection between language and identity. The impetus for the work began as Duzant was endeavoring to learn a language(s) whilst her father began forgetting his own. The work, in text and images, touches upon themes of change, immigration, connection, dementia, loss, speech, love, and humor. The book is structured as an alphabet primer (A is for Aphasia... E is for Emerson... U is for Umzug) that blends languages - reflecting her father's combinations of French, Creole, and English, as well as her own study of German. Weaving its way between Greek myth, the lives of writers, Japanese shrines, grammar, and personal observations, the text builds a narrative around shifting identity and asks how the language we use shapes the people we become.

Size: 8.5 x 6.5 in.
Page Count: 180
Format: Hardcover (Clothbound)
Binding: Smyth Sewn
Printing: Risograph (Yellow, Scarlet, Blue, Metallic Gold, Black & Violet)
Paper Stock: 80 lb. Accent Opaque Natural
Cover Material: Verona Bookcloth
Cover Details: Foil stamp with inset image (4-color digital offset)
Endpapers: Risograph (Violet) on 65 lb. French Pop-Tone Grapesicle
Typeface: Cultura

Published & Printed by Seaton Street Press 2024
Text & Photographs: Magali Duzant
Editor: Sacha Vega
Cover & Binding: Conveyor Studio

First Edition: 300
ISBN: 979-8-9903703-0-2