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by Magali Duzant

In 1822, Stendhal wrote On Love in which he described the “birth of love” as a process of crystallization inspired by a visit to the salt mines of Salzburg. Describing the act of falling in love as a journey from Bologna ( indifference ) to Rome ( love ) the writer described the act as a matter of traveling, from one location or feeling to the next. With each stop we shift in our thought process from indifference to admiration to acknowledgement to hope to desire and on to love. A matter of walking through a cycle of feeling.

On Love: A Crystallization is a series of walks that explore Stendhal’s theories of love in a contemporary context. The first map is of a walk through Queens, a borough shaped by migration and movement. In Stendhal’s narrative of love, we move through the possibility and stages of love. Walking across Queens this takes in the subtle gestures and quiet aspects of love that pervade our daily lives, from the naming of street corners, to the establishment of homes, to the roots of pride parades, as a first shade of love and place.


Double-sided newsprint guide, 18 in. x 12 in., 2018